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Oklahoma State University

Welcome to the School of IE&M

Industrial Engineers (IEs) design, build, operate, and improve production systems by producing goods and/or services for customers around the world.

A production system is an endeavor involving people, processes, and products. Production systems serve to provide the world with products – goods and services – in all sectors of the economy. People like you and I serve to provide creativity and leadership in production systems, while also serving as the customers for the goods and services produced.

An education in the industrial engineering discipline opens the door for men and women, like you, to enter this fascinating and challenging world of producing worthwhile things (goods and services) at competitive prices for domestic and international markets. The IE discipline, more than any other, prepares you for professional practice in defining, designing, implementing, operating, and improving processes. All products, without exception, come from processes.

As IEs, we focus on both the quality of what is made and how it is made, as well as the productivity of the processes used. By quality, we mean the degree of customer satisfaction obtained from our products. By productivity, we mean the efficiency of our processes and production system. Quality and productivity results, together, determine the health and vitality of our production system in a world economy.

There are many IE programs in the United States to choose from – choose wisely – your future depends on your choice. The School of Industrial Engineering and Management at Oklahoma State has been around a long time. It is the oldest IE program west of the Mississippi River, established in 1925. Our alumni have distinguished themselves throughout the profession and the business sector of our economy.

In addition to the more traditional facets of IE, we have recognized the need to provide you with additional managerial education. Hence, in 1950, the Department of Industrial Engineering was formally renamed the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M), and the tradition continues. This "plus" provides you a leverage point to pursue higher levels of leadership in your professional career, faster than graduates from other schools/disciplines.

Once you choose IE&M at Oklahoma State, the faculty and staff are committed to provide you with opportunities that will prepare you for professional practice. Your preparation is carefully designed and accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

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